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With today's technology, more people are emailing resumes to prospective employers. There are some right ways and wrong ways to go about doing this, and it is essential that you learn how to correctly email your resume for professionalism.

The most effective way to find jobs that match your qualifications and then apply for these jobs is by submitting your resume to a job board or job search web site such as or  These job boards use convenient profile posting methods which allow you to upload your resume using a .doc, .pdf, or .txt format or an online submission form.

Responding to job postings via email has become so commonplace today.  Although business etiquette and preferences may vary from headhunter to headhunter most still accept an email resume submission.  Those accepting resumes in Word format may require a certain style which means that attention should be paid to font type, size and margins.  If a company requests that resumes be sent in text format you can perform this conversion by following the steps below:

Select File, Save As
Name the file; as a best practice, use your name as the file name, and use underscores as placeholders for spaces
Under Format, select Text Only
Select Save.

After you have saved your file in text format be sure to open the document and check for grammatical errors as well as formatting errors.  It is important to note that plain text files require format editing as it does not allow for bold, italicized or underlined text.  In addition you may need to left justify text and ensure that the spacing between phrases is appropriate.

If an employer requests that you include your resume in the body of an email, this can be easily accomplished by first highlighting your resume, then copying and pasting the selection into your email.  Use a basic font style such as Arial or Times New Roman so as not to detract from the professionalism of your document.  Also keep font size to 10 or 12 pt as a rule.  Ensure that all spacing is appropriate between words and following punctuation.  Above all else keep it simple.  Browsers and email software differ making it hard to determine if the recipient will receive your message exactly as formatted in your browser.  Avoiding bold or italicized text will ensure that the words are easily understood by the recipient.  After all, the recipient may have opted not to receive HTML documents and may just be capable of text only emails.

If you are sending a resume as an attachment the body of your email should contain the cover letter.  The cover letter is an introduction to your resume and will peak interest for what is to come.  It should contain a career objective that lets the potential employer knows what your career goals and expectations are.  At the very top of your email you should include your name, address, recipient address and subject of your email.

Once again it is vital to ensure that your resume is free from grammatical or formatting errors.  Do not assume that your recipient will receive the email just as you have typed it.  Enlist the help of friends and family sending them sample emails that include your resume for their review.  This will ensure that your resume projects a clean and professional image.

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